Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Here is a pic of Billy and I from our play date on Thursday. He slept through the entire thing. I like this picture because it is the first one where I don't look like I am half dead =) I should also note that I had actually dressed him in a cute little outfit but he managed to make a mess in it about 5 minutes after we arrived. The only other clothes I had in the diaper bag were his truck pj's.

Here are some pictures that Brian's Mom took when we were still in the hospital. I just got them from her a few days back.

Adorable! 1 day old!

Rose and Billy.

Our first family photo when Billy is 2 days old. He was so tiny!

Brian and Billy. This is also when Billy was 2 days old.

Brian with Billy the day he was born.

Danielle and Billy.

This is not from the hospital. Barry (Pepa) and Billy.

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